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    For the longest time I never bothered in a serious setting because one of the browsers used the inches marker, ", instead of quotation marks, “”. With the typography looking like garbage, I just suck to manually inserting the quotation marks and avoiding the <q> element. That fact that it should automatically do the right thing per languages means it is underutilized, but as the author noted that you can’t copy the symbols too which is generally not what you want for this element.

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      Maybe we should just import so-called «french quotes» into English and solve the problem at its root. :)

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        Ya know, I think there are a lot of cool quotation mark ideas out there like 「」 it’s just a shame that ANSI keyboards and typewriters caused a majority of English speakers to forget to care about the typographic part.

        PROTIP: if you use the typographically correct quotation marks, you don’t have to worry about escaping ;)

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          It’s weird but in some languages, »guillemets are inverted«.

          Also in French, « there are spaces ».

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            Punctuation is quite different in French !

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              Which is why there’s always gonna be quote probs ♥

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        What a great post!

        As a minor aside, it’s true that the curly quotes are archaic, but so are straight quotes.

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          I’m not sure how to reply to your post, but the annoyances with smart quote pasting led me to write an org-unsmartify function, lol