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    This is pretty management focused.

    As a non-manager I would like to add, if decision makers don’t suffer with me then my phone goes on silent at night. Otherwise, unless you’re working on a critical user facing service, there’s often no incentive to spend effort making things reliable when you can just use on-call as free hours.

    My current contract currently says roughly:

    • I’m paid half my normal salary while I’m on call, always paid for a minimum of 4 hours
    • If you call me and nothing comes from it you have to pay me 1 hour’s salary, or 2 hours at night/on Sunday/on holidays
    • If I have to actually start working I get 50% extra for the first 2 hours, 100% extra after that
    • And, you have to pay me a flat fee of 2 hours salary before 10pm, or 4 hours after

    I’ve been called once since I got here, and I was actually disappointed I couldn’t remember my code to get into the office (you only need the code after 6pm :<).