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    I come across this website every one in a while, usually when working on something gaming related. It has fantastic content, explaining things really well. Go take a look!

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      It’s a treasure trove of great information. I stumbled upon that site when I was working on the 24th problem for the advent of code 2020.

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        I discovered this site during AoC 2018, which was heavily “game” focused with lots of pathing.

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      I’m impressed with the amount of usable information, clear visual aids, interactive examples, and animations to show relationships between variations. Just an extremely good web page.

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        Holy cow that’s a lot of hex magic!

        I wonder if it all doesn’t simply out somehow, though. For instance, do we really care about offset rows if we’re willing to address and use half-cells? (Admittedly, I haven’t given it much thought)

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          I know just the person to send this link to!

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