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    When I saw it on HN, I tried to get the original source like their brochures or something. DDG and Google gave me nothing but patents on variations of the tech. So, I just posted the tweet which has a good pic.

    Also, since I saw the patents, I’m in triple damage territory. All of you are if you saw this comment. Call it my way of encouraging anyone building open-source, fax machines to upgrade their shit. Gotta let go of those floppies. Especially the AOL floppies.

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      Transfering files was always hard. You could fairly easily do the same with regular modem and “Hyperterminal” in Windows using “zmodem” protocol, but it’s not standard practice and you should explain other side how to do that. So the idea of dedicated hardware file/disk-image fax feels sane. But only if it had standardized protocol and every company had device for that.

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        Apparently the company behind this device were developing a standardised protocol; probably got overtaken by the upsurge in internet usage towards the end of the millennium.

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          Still is. Have a Linux laptop, go over to a friend who has a Windows desktop, and wifi, and be like wtf should you start configuring samba or an ftp server or wtf. End up using a usb stick.

          Unfortunately a FISK would not help in this scenario.

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            Oh yeah I remember. Lots of hurdles. Still happens on some setups or where people want no 3rd party.