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    @sircmpwn, I like the new name! Also, I appreciate you keeping sr.ht as the hosted instance, and sourcehut as the name of the project. Helps make it even more clear that it’s open source, and anyone can run sourcehut on their own if they so choose.

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      Right on, so it’s not called Sir Hat!

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        Allow me to take your code, m’lady.

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          I’m pretty sure it was always just called ‘ess arr dot eitch tee’.

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            I’m happy to announce today that I’m opening sr.ht (pronounced “sir hat”, or any other way you want) […]


            But Source Hut sounds really nice! And it’s great that hosted users can continue using the short form :).

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          Hmm, reminds me a bit of “Pizza Hut”, which isn’t necessarily the best association.

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              I actually liked that it reminded me of Pizza Hut. Hey, hackers love pizza!

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                As an European, I can’t accept calling Pizza Hut’s produce “pizza”.

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                  As an American, I can’t accept calling Pizza Hut’s pizza “produce”.

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                I got my sr.ht stickers in FOSDEM 4 days ago but I really want this now.

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                  @kragniz We’re counting on you to make this happen next fosdem. :)

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                    I’ll do my best

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                  i love it

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                    This is amazing, thanks

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                        Yes, you can unsee.

                        When the iPad first came out, people thought it was a terrible name because of Maxi-pads.

                        Proof that you can get used to almost anything.

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                          I to this day am amazed by the name, and cannot get used to it. I always try to call them iTablets.

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                            Oh no. You said it. Now I gotta link to it. The spoof. I swore I saw him load it up by accident on stage one time. Reaction was priceless. I just can’t find that link.

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                        What do you have against pizza?

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                          Nothing, it’s just so-called american “pizzas” I dislike.

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                            Italians love American pizza too!

                            That’s why it’s called the pizza effect!


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                              You mean “creativity fuel”?

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                            you fuck right off with that

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                            Big improvement over “Sir Hat”.

                            Also, if anything, “sourcehut” reminds me more of “GitHub” than “Pizza Hut.” I don’t think the association is necessarily bad either.

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                              The name reminds me of sourceforge but… cozier :)

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                                glad you avoided the prurient association with pornhub which another git host couldn’t help but indulge in… fuckin pervs.

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                                  The best way to not let porn websites claim the suffix -hub is to not treat non-porn websites that use -hub in their names as if they have anything to do with porn.

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                                    wish we could go back but it’s too late now

                                    why would a website have -hub in its name if it didn’t have anything to do with porn?