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I had fun hacking this together. I hope someone else finds it useful.

Blog post with more background.

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    funny, 5 out of the 25 entries currently listed are reposts on Lobsters by @calvin

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      @calvin likely copies things from a lot of sites. He’s a curator for Lobsters.

      On a related note, I’ve noticed that the growth of the site has led to HN-like submissions getting more attention than what did in the past. Things are changing. So, I’ve been posting more of those, too, since it’s what they want to read. It’s also too busy with such submissions to ensure the CompSci stuff would even be seen. I’ve been posting it on days with less going on.

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        I do cross-post from Reddit/HN, but only if:

        1. The article fits the scope of the site. HN has a lot of tech business stuff that’s just on the edge and outright non-tech related stories.

        2. It has enough “meat on the bone” to be interesting. I do try to consider the fact that not everyone here is at the same skill level in everything though, so more introductory stuff could be submitted if I think it fits Lobsters’ quality standards.

        3. It’s not a blatant advertisement. Vendor blogs are OK if they’re talking about something technical and not trying to sell you on things (At most, a little quip saying “btw if you liked this please buy our stuff”.). Sometimes my filters get fouled though, out of confusion or just mental exhaustion.

        Of course, I also have an RSS reader…

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          I’ve noticed that the growth of the site has led to HN-like submissions getting more attention than what did in the past

          From the July stats we can see that the links in common are ~2% of the total links on HN[1], while they’re ~60% on Lobste.rs.

          Lobste.rs is way less aggressive in outright removing stuff. There’s quite a lot of links on Lobste.rs with negative karma (like this one). That link has a 0.34 comment-to-score ratio on HN.

          The scale of the two sites is way different, so it’s natural that HN will have some “outsized” influence on the stuff that ‘s posted here. It’s up to the community to ensure it’s the stuff they want.

          [1] note that I don’t (yet) weed out links that can be flagged “dead” after submission, unless they’re part of a pair.

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            And I don’t just mean in common: I mean the kinds of content that appeals to folks on HN more. Lobsters had a lot of deeper tech stories in the past that weren’t as mainstream. Even when here, the HN-like content often covers them up.

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              I browse using the /newest link, because there’s seldom more content than maybe half of that gets replaced daily. I find plenty of interesting content, and I flag the inappropriate stuff.

              As mentioned in my blog post, that’s essentially impossible to do on Hacker News. Discovery is at the mercy of the front page.

              So increasing size and popularity does carry risks. But I don’t want to exclude people from the stuff posted here.

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                Yeah, I might just have to stop relying on the front page. I think most folks use it, though. So, I’ve shifted my submitted content from CompSci to more HN-like stuff with some CompSci to fit the audience’s preferences. Well, my schedules have kept me off the site, too.

                And I’m also not trying to exclude anyone: just talking about patterns of behavior they’re all doing. I’m letting the site evolve into whatever it will become.

                @pushcx would you run a query to see how many requests/views we get on front page, recent, and new? I’m curious what the audience ratio is for those. I expect some will be scripts that might run many times a day. Might be ways to reduce that like unique I.P.‘s or account ID’s.

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                  So, I’ve shifted my submitted content from CompSci to more HN-like stuff with some CompSci to fit the audience’s preferences. Well, my schedules have kept me off the site, too.

                  For what it is worth, I have joined lobsters specifically, to exclude from my frequent consumption, the HN’s 10%-stories (this is my ‘tag’ for stories that are only tangentially related to CS, Maths, Physics, Material Engineering, Biology), and their associated comments.

                  On the other hand, if people are more interested in social/economic/political/moral impacts and positioning of technology+sciences and its leaders, HN is probably a much better place. I am interested in those as well, but I prefer to consume those at much less frequent intervals.

                  Also, the ‘I have built a business over the weekend’ – kind of stories, often frequent on HN, are inspirational.. but to a point :-).

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                    Lobsters was mostly like that when I joined it. That’s a smaller part of the audience and/or submissions now.

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                    Why not just submit the kind of content that interests you most rather than trying to fit your beliefs about other’s preferences?

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                      I do. I just also want it to delight and help more people. There were quite a few people who used that sort of work when they saw it. If it gets covered up regularly, then there’s no point in submitting it.

                      I have thought about reviving the idea of a feed of that stuff folks can subscribe to or post here if they wanted. Then, just tell the target audience about it. Pretty swamped by main job currently. Barely time to do my research at all. Got 61 tabs open on my phone I gotta go through. Off today so will do.

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                        Thanks for the response.

                        A twitter feed would be pretty low set-up time and you can easily publish an RSS feed from it (https://wp.me/p9vpb5-43)

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            @calvin submitted 59 entries last month (data collection started on 5 Jul 2019 so the entire month is not covered).

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            Interesting! On a side note: when I find a ‘good’ link (from Twitter or my RSS feed) I usually also crosspost to HN en LO.

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              This is cool, I always wondered in what order links get reposted, being of course a bit more biased to this site.

              Maybe binding in something like Reddit would be cool too, since I sometimes notice a emacs-related link I post here appear on /r/emacs, and it’s happened a few times too many for me to think that it’s random. But since I don’t keep up to the other subforms over there, there might be more going on?

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                Maybe binding in something like Reddit would be cool too

                If @gerikson is willing to add Reddit, it would be interesting to add (just) r/programming. (I think that subreddit should be enough for the most of the stuff that usually gets cross-posted)

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                  I’ve updated the page to include links from /r/programming.

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                  I’m not familiar with the Reddit API, but maybe if there was a firehose of every link submission one could get stuff that was posted to all subreddits. I tried to keep my code written so adding another source would be possible, and doing so would be a good test. Thanks for the suggestion,

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                    Also in case it’s helpful, here’s a blog post about how f5bot watches all of reddit: https://intoli.com/blog/f5bot/

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                      Well… that’s a bit more impressive than my little app. Thanks for the link!

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                      there’s https://www.reddit.com/new.json (docs).