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    Too bad Apple doesn’t care about Mozilla, otherwise they’d respond by starting their own campaign to make Mozilla/Firefox care about their user’s privacy 🤷

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      I guess I’m cynical, but I see an end game where once tracking Apple users has been made impossible by these types of changes, Apple then sells the identities to Google, et al and for a mint. Obviously the dragnet spying apparatus exposed by Snowden was cared about by almost no one (James Clapper walks free), Google/Microsoft regularly abuse the privacy of theirs users (or useds, as RMS would say) and they don’t seem to mind. All Apple would have to do is cloak the change in some data anonymization buzzwords. Alternatively they just have a monopoly on tracking for their own ad network. I don’t trust any of these megacorporations for one second.

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        It might be that you’re justifiably (and, to me, agreeably) cynical, but Apple is a hardware company, primarily, which lately has layered on services unrelated to advertising. So, there’s hope that they’d not “sell out” to creepy ads.