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    A split staggered keyboard makes no sense to me. I have an Ergodox and a Kinesis Advantage and the columns are much more logical if you can turn the parts or have better spacing.

    Also, the relearning for those is trivial. Ok, the arrow keys are a pain!

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      I love my ErgoDox but after months of trying I simply couldn’t get used to the default arrow keys so I moved them all to the right half in the Vim order along the bottom row and it’s working much better for me now. I just couldn’t adapt to using two hands for the arrow keys.

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        Yeah, I also ditched the default layout. I don’t like that bottom row. I don’t use it now. The rest of the hardware layout is good though.

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      I haven’t been following the split keyboard scene lately, so it was nice to learn about the sinc. I was originally going to get a Quefrency, but found a V.EA clone pre-assembled. The sinc is very similar. I didn’t think I would need the extra function keys and the columns. I ended up using them more than I thought.

      Here is a photo of my keyboard:


      In the future, I think I’ll make my own keyboard. I want to try out having a better thumb cluster.

      Thanks for sharing your post.

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        The Sinc looks nice for a ISO-split. I spent a fair bit of time last year and in the beginning of this researching high quality fully split ISO-compatible keyboards after I had worn out yet another Microsoft Sculpt. Ended up ordering a Dygma Raise a couple of months ago, hopefully it will arrive in September if there aren’t any more delays.

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          Here’s another build log that I have enjoyed reading recently.

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            Neat build! I may have missed it, but do you just have the knob tied to volume?

            I’ve entered a few group buys recently to try out and ortho-linear build and possibly an ergodox.

            I haven’t soldered anything before and thought it would be a fun project.

            Any suggestions on soldering irons? (I was looking at the TS80)

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              Get the TS80P over the original TS80. Have to have PD, what is even the point of USB-C if you’re going to use QC over it.

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                Yup! I have one knob mapped to volume. The other currently is mapped to scroll up/down, but that’s just because it was the default. Not sure yet what to map that second knob to…

                I don’t have any good suggestions for soldering irons, I still have an old no-name one I bought from a hardware store several years ago. Gets the job done!

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                  I made an ErgoDox layout with volume control buttons. When I added the second layer, I came up with the idea of having those keys do screen brightness.

                  There’s a kind of symmetry between the L1 and L2 functionalities IMO, and maybe brightness is something you could try out for the second knob!