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    I like that he still wants some experimentation from the official source of the software. This could help avoid jquery-fication. It says - yes, it will be in the core, so the ecosystem doesn’t become go+ben’s-generics, go+bob’s-generics, etc.

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      Yeah, that’s the first thing I was afraid of. If the Go devs don’t provide something, then someone will, it’ll get used in production, it’ll become a de-facto standard (or maybe a couple competing ones), and then there will be a migration hassle and a lot of contention when core inevitably decides to do something quite different (e.g. glide & vgo vs. Go modules… modules are better, but launching them was still a hassle). Maybe having an official WIP repo will damp that down a little bit.

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        I think it’s likely they start putting golang.org/x/ packages together that use generics early and then move them in when they’re mostly stable.

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          Unless I misread, that’s the plan described in the GitHub issue?