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    Helm-SLY released emacs lisp

I’m happy to announce the release of Helm-SLY, a Helm interface for SLY!

Helm-SLY defines a few new commands:

  • helm-sly-list-connections :: Fuzzy-search and manipulate your connections / REPLs.

  • helm-sly-apropos :: Fuzzy-search any symbol live!

  • helm-sly-mini :: Like helm-sly-list-connections, but include an extra source of Lisp-related buffers, like the events buffer or the scratch buffer.

You can also use Helm to fuzzy-complete your code!

For SLIME users, see Helm-SLIME.

It’s already available on Guix and should hit MELPA soon.

Feedback welcome!


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    Something I forgot: the Xref buffer can be replaced by a Helm buffer, which I find very convenient to “go to definition” and for all the sly-who-* commands.

    Still about SLY, I’ve updated Evil Collection bindings for SLY.