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      Hello Lobsters! I have posted this game here on this forum earlier. This is a tiny hobby project of mine.

      While I have received good feedback on this game in the earlier posts, many people have also complained that the levels get too difficult too quickly. Despite the apparent steep rise in the difficulty level, I have found that it is possible to reach level 5 with some practice and level 11 after a lot of practice. I don’t know anyone who has reached level 12 yet.

      Today I decided to add an autoplay feature to the game where the game program plays the game on its own. If I remember correctly, some DOS games of the 1980s era used to have such a feature. So this “show” post is meant to show this autoplay feature in action. The autoplay algorithm is quite rudimentary. It sometimes makes mistakes. However, it has been found to reach level 12 a few times. That is better than my friends and I can play this game. Despite the primitive nature of the algorithm, I find it quite fun to watch. I hope you find it fun too!

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