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      The more I read about Zig, the more I like it. I hope there will be a rich stdlib like Go, and I think I’ve seen Rust-like compiler safety features on the roadmap. Good to read first hand experiences with the language!

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        Rust-like compiler safety features

        Most probably not as iron-clad, but safety is definitely one design goal.

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          Just curious, as you’re part of the Zig team, do you have any link to the roadmap items or tickets related to the safety features? I’d like to follow!

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              Wow, that was fast, thanks!

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      Zig supports “dummy” pointers, but they can’t be null, unless explicitly marked as “optional”

      “dummy” pointers? Zig’s pointers (and yes, optional pointers as well) are, as far as I’m aware, as exactly the same as with C/C++: raw pointers to a memory address. The only difference is that non-optional pointers are checked at runtime to assert that they’re not null.

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        I suspect the implied contrast is smart pointers.