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      I think it’s really awesome that D was able to bolt one of these on so quickly and with seemingly so little fuss. Really demonstrates the power of D. I hope for once it actually helps D enter the limelight.

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        Reading the documentation, there seem to be a lot of restrictions attached. Also:

        It will not detect attempts to dereference null pointers or possibly null pointers. This is unworkable because there is no current method of annotating a type as a non-null pointer.

        I guess this will be painful to fix.

        (But agreed, awesome work by the D devs!)

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      Wow this an exciting unexpected event!

      I look forward to more development here :)

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      This is good. I like their approach of focusing on pointers first, objects that are managed by RAII later. I hope D manages to strike a good balance between usefulness of the borrow checker and getting out of the way. I love almost everything about Rust, but the fact that you have to keep lifetimes in your head the whole time is a royal pain in the ass.

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      This is really nice. I hope to see D -> betterC -> C++ implementation.