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    Hi there! I’d been wanting to develop a lightweight Git WebUI for a while, and finally got around it this past month. Fudge has a small feature set on purpose which I probably won’t expand too much, besides adding logging to a file or through syslog and README rendering.

    Fudge is running alongside a public Git server and advertises go-import meta tags, which allows me to use my own vanity URL when writing Go code.

    If you want to give it a try, a live instance is running on my website, and the Ansible playbooks that I used to deploy it on an OpenBSD VPS (using acme-client, httpd, relayd, and slowcgi) are available in the infrastructure repository.

    Feedback is welcome!

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        Neat, I’ll give it a look. Thanks for your work on sway and sourcehut!

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        Thanks for sharing. I was looking for something exactly like this recently, and couldn’t find anything simple enough. Thank you for also making it open source (and in Go!)- can’t wait to dive into the repo and contribute if possible.

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          Really cool stuff! I’ve been looking at building something like this in to go-gitdir or having some sort of frontend that can display repos but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I might have to play with this.

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            Nice project! I wouldn’t be against adding support for the git-daemon-export-ok magic file or something similar if it could help you.

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            Looks really solid! You should link from README or repository to your home page as it’s very convenient to click on a live demo.

            By the way does anyone know a pure JavaScript repository browser? One that clones the repo partially in the browser and renders the view on screen?

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              I don’t know of an existing turnkey browser implementation that “just works”, but the kind of browser-based repo access you’re talking about isn’t too hard to do with isomorphic-git: https://isomorphic-git.org/docs/en/browser