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This is the weekly thread to discuss what you have done recently and are working on this week.

Please be descriptive and don’t hesitate to champion your accomplishments or ask for help, advice or other guidance.


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    I just finished writing Practical TLA+ so it’s time for a break hahaha no I’ve got a workshop to write and a tutorial to clean up

    Outside of work I want to start revving up candymakimg again.

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      Nice ~! I came across TLA+ recently and realized I should be using it at work. Got started with TLA+ using this intro guide - https://learntla.com/introduction/ (My schedule is a chapter per week).

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      • Going through the book “The Rust Programming Language” (3 chapters completed so far)

      • Hoping to release a draft of the book I’m writing “Building GraphQL APIs with Node.js”. Purely focused on building and optimizing GraphQL backends.

      • Learning TLA+ using https://learntla.com/introduction/. At my pace, looks like I will complete it in 3 weeks.

      • I was able to clear all the to-read web articles during the weekend. I either read them or sent them to bookmark-hell.

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        I hit a personal blocker with regards to my archival system, and my file tagger projects, so I’m taking a sabbatical-sabbatical and started a project to make a simple unix shell in assembly. It’s very nice working at a lower level, the set of problems are practically more tangible and easier for me to step-through mentally, it’s a nice break at the moment. Currently I’m procrastinating reading up on proper code alignment on 64x Intel systems though :)

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          This weekend, I decided to buckle down and try to learn some Factor, and ended up writing a 4-function calculator as an exercise in learning the GUI system.

          It went better than the last time I tried to learn factor (which lead to me creating PISC). I think I could use factor for some things going forward. With the right set of additions, I could see it’s GUI system being about as expressive as TCL’s tk, but it takes a lot of getting used to due to the lack of examples. Thankfully, you can muddle through the documents to learn things, and most things are documented somewhere, but where isn’t always obvious, and google is of minimal help.Still, there’s a lot there to work with.

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            I finally had the inspiration to solve using public/private encryption with content addressed deduplicated data. If you are interested in encrypted deduplicating backup tools and have some expertise, I wouldn’t mind talking about it to make sure it is sane. Did a tiny bit of work on a prototype backup tool, but not a priority for now, need to do some more boring work first.

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              I launched Networks Of Philly last week and am going to continue building it out. It is a sort of field-guide type site for city network infrastructure in Philadelphia, very similar to the work of Ingrid Burrington. https://networksofphilly.org

              I’m also going to continue work on my group BGP darknet project, which currently needs more documentation.

              If I have time, I also want to do a little bit more on my PBX project, https://famicoman.com/2018/07/18/building-a-pbx-part-1-pbx-hardware/

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                Sidenote: it really irritates me how the culture tag’s negative hotness modifier causes this weekly thread to drop off the front page almost immediately. It’s only 12 hours old and already halfway down page 2.

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                  We used to just tag it with ask and nothing more, but as it’s a meta tag now it fails validation without another tag as well. I picked culture from the list originally because it felt the “best” fit for this thread, but that also irks me how quickly it vanishes. I’m sure it makes a difference to how many people comment on the thread (although if you’re around here for any length of time you’ll know it appears on a Monday, so can go look for it.)

                  I wonder if there is a better “second” tag for these threads that wouldn’t have the negative cost attached, without mis-appropriating the tag.

                  /cc @kzisme

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                    practices or programming seem fine. I’d also prefer this thread not drop away so fast. /cc @kzisme who often posts these.

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                      How about programming? “Use when every tag or no specific tag applies”

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                    Despite my best efforts, my windows install is running like garbage. With news that windows may be going month to month, Im considering switching to linux for good.

                    Otherwise for the job, I am working hard with d3.js and reading through Grammar of Graphics 2nd Edition. It has been a great read https://www.springer.com/us/book/9780387245447

                    Personally, I am working on smart contracts with ethereum, and now am going to start toying with vyper soon.

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                      I’ve almost finished porting that IRCd of mine, I just need to port/write a few unit tests, rework logging and I can start using it on my domain. Also needed to write my own simple version of netcat because I was testing TCP shutdown and “The result of testing hid with telnet, OpenSSL s_client, OpenBSD nc, GNU nc and Ncat is that neither of them can properly shutdown the connection.”

                      After that I’ll be looking into graphical user interfaces and how to make one.

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                        Last full week with my current employer, driving down to one of our datacenters to rack up some $work servers I have at my house before I leave. Last visit to a datacenter for some time probably, as new employer doesn’t have their own hardware (nor needs it in the imminent future.)

                        Waiting on some patch panels arriving for home, then I can finish wiring up my home network (it’s expanding to two switches in two separate racks!) Although like an idiot I pulled two bundles of multiple cat6 through the walls without labelling both ends of cables, so I now have to figure out which end is connected to the other a few times over. Super amounts of fun. (Yes, I’m an idiot. Ugh.)

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                          Doing lots of 44CON stuff this week, including a TNMOC tour ticket giveaway. If anyone wants to see the new Bombe gallery at TNMOC over in Bletchley Park, sign-up details are here.

                          Hopefully getting some time to work on more ANSI art for the 44CON BBS and moving the raw hex site away from shopify, which has totally screwed us.