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    What a perfect name. I’m assuming the gag was intended :) “Aho” (or ahō) in slang Japanese means “idiot”, which is was “git” means in slang English.

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      I sure hope Alfred Aho (the “A” in AWK) doesn’t know this…

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        New site idea: enter a name, and it searches world dictionaries for derogatory meanings in various languages.

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          I’m pretty sure he does.

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          petition to reserve such a perfect name for a version written in true awk. this one should be called gaho.

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            Funny coincidence! Also see Alfred Aho of the Aho-Corasick algorithm.

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              Aho is also the A in AWK.

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                I figured, based on sibling comment.

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            It still needs sha1sum. I was hoping to find it implemented in true awk.