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    This is exactly the sort of clear, well-explained reasoning that I wish I saw any of at work. :(

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      This shit right here was illuminating af. I run a similar local stack except I throw in a nix build script.

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        Just bragging for a moment: you can build non trivial applications in clojure with auth and file backends and business logic in under 10k lines. I’ve done it for various employers.

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          Mistyped, 1k lines.

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          It’s like a generic design doc for all backends :)

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            I come from the Windows world (where IIS is the only web server that matters) so the idea of having to use a (reverse) proxy to (easely) support HTTPS is ludicrous to me.

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              IIS fills the same place as nginx in this design.

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                You don’t have to, but it is convenient.

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                  It’s really easy. Here’s a trivial nginx conf to enable that:

                  server {
                          server_name api.myhost.com;
                          listen 80;
                          location / {
                                  include proxy_params;
                                  proxy_pass http://localhost:5000/;
                         # Certbot will put in SSL for you

                  And then you can easily get SNI-based multiple hosts on the same ‘node’ if you’d like. This lets you easily handle SSL stuff and still have whatever web-server you want bound to the local host:port to actually do the action. You can also do all the fun URL rewrite stuff up there if you’d like.

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                  This is comprehensive af! It’s bedtime for me but I look forward to delving more into this tmrw.