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    There’s also Ralph C. Merkle, an early inventor of public-key cryptography and predecessor to Diffie & Hellman (acknowledged/cited by the latter), whose paper describing security over an insecure channel achieved by computational difficulty was initially rejected (“Experience shows that it is extremely dangerous to transmit key information in the clear”) and ultimately published after that of Diffie & Hellman. Ironically, its first publication was edited by Ron L. Rivest (the ‘R’ in RSA).


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      That’s cool that you have an actual such rejection story. The linked article is just a humor article with made up reviews.

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      Should this have the “satire” tag?

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        Isn’t satire supposed to be fictional?

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          Afaict these are “what if” anecdotes, where the author considers the result of submitting those seminal works in the modern academic climate.

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            Haha, I’m gullible it seems. So given that I +1 that suggestion

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          I’ve suggested that tag now.