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    Worst part? Being smack dab in the middle of two communities that are almost polar opposites. Many people coming to Elm from JavaScript want Elm to be more like JavaScript, and many people coming from Haskell want Elm to be more like Haskell. I see Elm as its own thing—neither “JavaScript enhanced” nor “Haskell simplified"—and I’ve sometimes struggled to engage constructively with groups who don’t see it the same way.

    Pretty good point, I agree with it completely.

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      He’d probably get less guff if he’d quit slurring the Haskell community and their priorities so that they can position themselves (Elm) as the “good guys”.

      Reminds me too much of (Bill) Clinton’s 1990s triangulation tactic.

      Feldman’s Twitter feed is an exercise in bad faith.

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        I think the Elm community has a bit of an unfortunate backstory with the Haskell community. A few too many people have demanded typeclasses like it’s a necessary human right. A few too many have patronisingly explained what a typeclass is, as if Evan doesn’t even know Haskell(!) After a while that gets exhausting.

        Unfortunately, because of that I think when someone who knows Haskell comes into Elm-land, the guard goes up. Often for good reason. As a result, on the Elm side that’s led to a bit of a culture of, “if you want to learn FP, you’re extremely welcome; but if you already know it, we’re not interested in your opinion.” Perhaps not that dramatically, but that’s my reading of the structure.

        I totally agree with Richard that Elm’s under no obligation to be more like anything. It’s doing a great job being its own thing.

        (For the record, I like typeclasses, but I don’t think they’re the only solution to the problem. I think Elm should solve the problem, but it isn’t as urgent as other things. And I believe there are more powerful languages in this space, but Elm’s still leading the field for shipping working SPAs.)

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          You do you, but I’m not going to entertain excuses for people encouraging ignorance and fear to enhance their own importance. The inauguration is bad enough, I don’t need this in my day job.