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    This is a nice resource, but like a lot of online books I’ve found, this claims to be written for beginners, but fails to really cater to them. Take a look at the introduction, for example. A beginner is not going to care about why the language was invented or who invented it. They are not going to care about abstraction even – they don’t even know what that is or why it’s even a concern. They are not going to want to set up their editor and they are not going to care about code style. There is a bunch of boilerplate here before the “real” code is presented. Someone who is truly new to programming will be completely overwhelmed by all of this information up front. They want to be able to get going immediately so they have a sense of satisfaction. Of course, all of this depends on learning style – some people like reading everything, even if they don’t understand every word that’s written. But I think that speaks to a short-sightedness – there are certainly other kinds of people that learn differently. So this is a good attempt at aggregating basic information about Ruby, but I am not sure how effective it will be in truly getting beginners to learn Ruby, stay with it, and use it well.