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    The idea of supervising processes and modeling them as units are a good thing.

    Then there’s this other thing called the actual implementation.

    Of which systemd-escape is only a part. This article could have gone deeper into the “sucks”.

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      Speaking of implementations: runit is the bee’s knees.

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        Too few people know of runit, but it was way ahead of its time.

        Such a shame it never got wide adoption. Is that due to distro company politics or what? :/

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          It’s used pretty widely in the Chef community.

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            My understanding of runit is that it doesn’t do dependencies in a built-in way, which means that every complex implementation I’ve seen—e.g., genuinely trying to replace init—ends up reinventing it in a bespoke way. I do genuinely believe that’s 90% of it. Honeslty, runit and LibreSSL are the two reasons I use Void in prod (where I have my own bespoke way of doing it), so I love it. I’m just acknowledging the issue.