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      (And if you haven’t finished your holiday shopping, you might want to add a Fire TV to your list.)

      Someone please tell me they at least got paid for this one…

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      Serious question: do people browse the web on their TVs? I would think this would be an awful experience. No?

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        It works for older people: “it’s not a computer, so it’s shouldn’t be scary. I used TVs all the time so I can use this fancy TV”. I know few people who browse webpages on TVs, but mostly videos from web (i.e. youtube). This works better than phones (“reading text on phone is stupid, it’s for talking”) and tablets (“it’s still a computer, but without keyboard”).

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      I no longer use FF for desktop (switched to Vivaldi, even post 57), but I still love FF mobile. It’s super fast and nice and I’m surprised it wasn’t already in the Amazon app store.

      I know Mozilla has gotten a lot of negative press lately, but I hope they continue to push and support their mobile offerings. I’m sad FireFoxOS didn’t get further. I’d love a real Android/eyePhone alternative.

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      “Amazon Fire TV” reminds me of Soviet TVs that frequently catched fire. It wouldn’t be a good brand name to market in ex-USSR.