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    Mostly a bug fixing release, but with an unprecedented number of external contributions. The new identity system is really novel. I should probably write a blog post announcing this release properly, but it would probably be full of minor points.

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      So where can we go to learn about the identity system?

      Do you have a changelog that records the external contributions (in a way that non-experts can understand?). If so, can you point to that?

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        We do have a changelog, be it hasn’t been updated for this particular release yet.

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      always exciting to hear about pijul! i think the biggest blocker to me using it more widely is that it isn’t supported as a way to version control Nix flakes, which requires explicit support in Nix. once I have a bit more free time and motivation, I hope to contribute a fetchpijul primitive to Nix to start building that.

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        This would be nice indeed. There’s a planned feature aiming at making a hybrid system between patches and snapshots. You would have the ease of use of patches (commutativity etc) plus the history navigation of snapshots.

        This is relatively easy to do, all the formats are ready for it, but I haven’t found the time to do it yet (nor have I found the money to justify my time on this).

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        Hmm, changelog doesn’t seem to be updated.