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    Are the official releases going to be built with these flags enabled?

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      Yes or grab a daily snapshot.

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      for anyone out there thinking of trying a snapshot with sysinstall, skip it. it’s maddeningly broken. very easy to do it manually, and much more successful/deterministic!

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        I invite the person who marked this incorrect to share their experience. I’ve tried sysinst numerous times from numerous snapshots over the past year and they all suffer from bugs and non-determinism (mainly around disk partitioning).

        you can argue unpacking tgz files manually is or isn’t easier, but sysinst is broken if you do anything but hit “next” over and over.

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          do you have a bug report to cover the issue for more info? I was upgrading almost daily using published iso files for -head on i386 & macppc up until christmas and resumed again last week, no issues. Just to double check I just performed a fresh install of the currently latest amd64 build, again, no issues.