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I figure putting them all in one place makes it easier for mods to decide which ones to add, as opposed to going through all of the past archives. I’m only including posts from the past year.

Editorials in comment.

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    I personally prefer more tags to less tags, because I use tags to guide what to submit to Lobsters and what I want to read—often I’ll check out an otherwise-uninteresting title because the tags intrigue me. Also, more tags makes it easier to label submissions: does data science and modeling fit under math, compsci, what? Having a datascience tag makes the appropriate choice obvious.

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      I agree. Even insanely specific tags like apple-m1, react, or language-model don’t hurt. Tags give users an option to filter out the topics they find uninteresting, and at the same time group related submissions together for the interested, so the more tags the better.

      Also, what about data-science instead of datascience? :)

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        There is a sort of circular issue here though with tags being used to ‘guide’ what to submit, for example lobsters has traditionally been less keen on drive-by press releases about new versions of whatever framework (which I think is a good thing from an SNR pov), but the existence of a ‘release’ tag implies that that sort of thing is on topic here. I think in reality it’s shades of grey rather than being in the set of on-topics or not in the set, as defined by the existence of a tag. Likewise ‘culture’ and ‘practices’ seem to be catch-alls for traditionally off-topic, high noise stuff. In short I don’t think the tail should start to wag the dog, wrt the tag system and why you might come to this site rather than any of the others.

        I would tag datascience with math, fwiw. Datascience just being statistics done on a macbook, etc etc

        Having written the above, and seen my sibling comment about apple-m1 tags and the like, if you really need to go down the taxonomy rabbit hole can they at least be hierarchical, eg apple-m1 is a subset of ‘hardware’ and language-model is a subset of ‘plt’, for those that don’t want to fully explore the fractal tag-space, or think they can’t submit their article about nim verification because they can only see a haskell-verification and rust-verification tag.

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        Thanks for the roundup!

        Re: keyboards…the reason for the tag is to filter them, and it might be better just to establish that sort of consumer electronics stuff as off-topic.

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          “the reason for the tag is to filter them”

          Many of us use tags to spot things of interest. That clicking on a tag shows more stories like it even supports that use case. They also do this by default whereas using them as a filter requires an extra step (adding the filter).

          So, tags can both highlight and filter stories. Anyone voting on a tag should keep that in mind.

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            Having posted a what keyboard do you use “ask” I would appreciate the addition of a “keyboard” tag, partly as I enjoy articles about keyboards and other input devices, as well as the fact that typing in some form is still the predominant input method for most people interacting with computing devices - and one that could still benefit from developing fast, efficient and accurate devices for input. From my perspective keyboards would never be off topic - but I biased :~)

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              I agree. I wish there was a tag for “product review” or something, or that it was off-topic, as I basically never want to read an article about somebody’s cool new laptop/keyboard/router they bought

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              I think it would be nice to establish a policy that all tag-related meta posts with at least X votes would get a moderator comment saying why the request was or was not accepted.

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                To be honest, it’s going to be “because I had real big shit IRL to do”.

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                This post has more than 20 votes. tag-suggestion tag when? /s

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                  I know your cutoff was a year ago, but I made a request for a dsp tag 2+ years ago that got traction. Would be cool to see it get implemented!