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    Essentially the problem allows an attacker to convince the elliptic curve code to use non-standard or broken curves for verification and encryption operations. This impacts malware protections and most other critical forms of authentication.

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      not sure if this is correct but: i can’t safely update the affected systems as the connection to the update hosts may be compromised, with signatures not working too?

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        SwiftOnSecurity claims that Windows Update is not vulnerable:


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          thanks for the link! would be interesting to have some design docs for this.

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            The vulnerability is specific to elliptic curve cryptography. According to Twitter, Windows Update uses RSA as well.

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        Wistfully remembers the time before he was a sysadmin when this just meant checking his laptop to make sure it updated and then moving on with his life.

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          Krebs on Security had some hints something interesting was in this patch pack: