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      Cool that you went and did this! I built @technomancy’s atreus a while back, but don’t actually use it. I should, though…

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        Thanks - that’s a very cool looking keyboard!

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          Why don’t you use it?

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            The reason I don’t use it is simply because I don’t want to become dependent on it. @technomancy travels everywhere with his, and sets it up on top of his laptop keyboard. I could try that, I suppose, but it seems like a habit that’d be very hard to get into. Above all, I don’t have pain from regular laptop keyboards, so the increased ergonomics haven’t pushed me into it by necessity.

            But, now that I’m saying this, I really should give it more of a chance, and try it again… There’s no reason not to, for sure.

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              I don’t think learning a new keyboard will prevent you from using your laptop keyboard.

              I switch freely between a maltron 3d and a thinkpad keyboard. The biggest challenge is learning the new keyboard in the first place (about 2 months for the maltron)

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                You’re right, it doesn’t stop me from using a different keyboard. I spend enough time away from my desk, though, that I feel I’d have to bring it with to ever get comfortable with it.

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          I recently did this with keyb.io’s Nyquist PCB. It was a lot of fun. Getting used to the ortholinear layout is no mean feat, but I would say I am up to about 80% speed after 2 weeks.

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            I really want to build a one handed keyboard at some point. A lot of guides suggest using half of a Let’s Split or Ergodox and either writing code on the controller to make it a corded mirror (modifier + Q = ], mod + S = ;, mod+c = , etc..).

            I also thought about trying to make a mechanical FrogPad, using the simulator to figure out all the keyboard rules, writing firmware that does the same thing on a Teensy. However I’d probably have to design/order a custom PCB for that (I think those run like $200 from most shops for prototypes, plus I have no idea how to design a PCB and would have to do that as well).

            It’s on a long list of projects, so I’m not sure if it will happen. :-/

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              You don’t need to design a custom PCB for a one-off keyboard, unless you’re specifically interested in learning PCB design.

              My first prototypes of the Atreus were hand-wired, and until you make 10+ of a design a PCB is a lot more work than it’s worth. For a 42-key keyboard, introducing a PCB brings the build time from ~4 hours to 45 minutes, but the smaller the keyboard is, the less you stand to gain from a PCB. If you go down to a small enough number of keys you could even skip building the matrix and just use one pin per switch, which makes hand-wiring much easier.

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              I have always used an old school IBM mechanical keyboard, the latest trends seem to have keyboard layouts as shown in the article, does this actually improve comfort and feel better after 8hours of constant use? I was looking at trying one out, but none of my friends have one, and I don’t live anywhere near a place that would have one for demo. Thanks.

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                For me, the split keyboard was the largest improvement.

                I blew out an arm on an IBM Model M, had to switch to kinesis, and now ergodox. The largest issue was that my wide shoulders meant my hands were turned outwards when on the keyboard, and that put strain on the inside of my wrists.

                With my current setup, the distance between my F and J keys is twenty three inches (just checked), allowing my arms and wrists to relax.

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                  This depends on your typing style, I think. For me the change to a columnar stagger and the change to using an fn layer for numbers and punctuation made a much bigger difference in comfort than going to a two-piece keyboard; I guess because of the reduced finger travel?