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    Isn’t it great to be able to open a chat conversation with your virtual machine and say things like “How are you today?” or “Hey, please reboot”?

    I have to admit, this sentence is extremely uncompelling.

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      Dude chatting to a VM is amazing okay

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        XD. I knwo that does sound stupid, but other than that the management interface is nice hence why I posted.

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          Oh, it’s fine to post :D They could just sell it better, I think.

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            Oh yes, of course. It really isn’t a good selling point :).

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        I’ve investigated Archipel a few times when looking for VM solutions for my home server. It has a really appealing GUI, and for a while was sponsored by the maintainer’s employer. However, it hasn’t seen active development for a few years. At this point the only web presence is Cloudflare’s cache!

        Take a look at the Github issues to see what I mean:



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          True, I will keep that in mind when looking for such tools.

          Can you recommend any other web management tools?

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            Take a look at Proxmox, which is a web GUI over KVM virtualization and LXC “fat” containers: https://www.proxmox.com/en/proxmox-ve

            I never installed either of these systems, and eventually settled on FreeBSD + ZFS + ezjail for my isolation needs. VMs were overkill, and I use my workstation if I want to test out a different OS. I am considering a rebuild on Linux + ZFSOnLinux + Kubernetes now that ZFS on Linux is more mature, and I use Kubernetes at work.

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              Ah. Yes Proxmox. I think I will settle on that. Thanks.

              It would be nice to see archipel go further but hey this is great!