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    Is hotel Wi-Fi filtering a big issue? Admittedly, most of my travel is US-centric, but I can’t remember the last time I had a service blocked, including Tor or bittorrent.

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      My biggest issue with Wi-Fi in hotel rooms is that it’s always extremely slow, and usually spotty. This week, I was in the Palms (Las Vegas) for Ricon, and had relatively shitty access (though, I did make a few choppy Skype calls back home), and an even worse cell signal making my MiFi fairly unreliable as well.

      Edit: Also, was able to use ssh without too much issue, and I assume (but didn’t try it) that had I had a better signal, watching streaming video would have been fine too.

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        Author of http-master here. I really don’t know how widespread this issues is but it is serious when it happens to you. I once had a serious problem at a cheap hotel and I had to call my friend to open an ssh port on port 443 on his server cause I did not have access to mine. Pretty annoying, I tell ya. I know Nowaker had a similar issue as well and we are quite passionate about this issue. :)