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    The University is ip-stamping every individual pdf download & claiming to enforce terms-of-use which include no commercial use:

    use all or any part of any Content for the purposes of direct or indirect financial gain by means of sale, resale, loan, transfer, hire or other form of exploitation of the Content. For the avoidance of doubt, commercial use shall not include use by you of the Content in the course of research funded by a commercial organisation;

    That this assertion seems to be directly opposed to the Creative Commons open access licence at the /top/ of the pdf, which explicitly forbids applying any further restrictions is particularly weird.

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        Hm this paper is now 55 pages? The one from 2018 was 29 pages.


        It’s kind of weird that they slightly modified the title and added more content, and the 3 authors are the same.

        I’d be curious for a summary of the “diff” …

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          There is a summary by the end of section 1:

          This paper is an extended version of an earlier conference paper (Mokhovet al., 2018).The key changes compared to the earlier version are: (i) we added further clarifications and examples to §3, in particular, §3.8 is entirely new; (ii) §4 and §5 are based on the material from the conference paper but have been substantially expanded to include further details and examples, as well as completely new material such as §5.2.2; (iii) §7 is completely new; (iv) §8.1 and §§8.6-8.9 are almost entirely new, and §8.3 has been revised. The new material focuses on our experience and various important practical considerations, hence justifying the “and Practice” part of the paper title