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I reviewed all available options for haskell development on emacs again & came up with a 5 minute setup than includes cabal-sandbox-aware repl & code completion.


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    Thanks for this. I’d moved to Vim of late finding that my previous Emacs set up failed to take cabal sandboxes into account and ran very slowly from time to time without explanation. I’ll probably take the time in a few weeks to try out this setup “fresh” and see if it’ll work better for me than before.

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      I am definitely going to have to try this out. I’ve been using an older version of Haskell mode that doesn’t seem to be cabal sandbox aware. On the plus side I’ve gotten pretty quick at opening a new split, opening shell, typing “cabal repl” but this should be much more streamlined.

      Has structured-haskell-mode stablized? Last I looked there were warnings about data loss. That’s not a huge issue since I’m usually using version control, but it’s definitely something I’d want to be aware of.