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    Wtf is the deal with hacker noon? Every time there’s some post on medium it shows up here. Then the original article on medium turns into a redirect. Why?

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      Sweet sweet page view numbers, that’s why.

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      Sigh. I’ve seen this basic schematic for containers, HTML, Javascript, and many others. It adds nothing to the discourse, other than sarcastic diatribe.

      The best way to learn, is to find a small project and dig in. Make it manageable. Make it fill something you need done. And do it! And then document it, including how you failed and all that.

      The same advice goes for anyone for any type of project and area. But you know snarkiness is great at mocking at someone who doesn’t keep up with the Joneses (with regards to libraries).

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        I disagree a bit.

        I think it’s always useful to have people making fun of questionable trends in an ecosystem, lest people just kinda one day decide that it is “normal” and even “acceptable”.

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            I haven’t exactly changed my mind, but I think this is a great reminder that the framework treadmill is spinning a lot faster than one may guess. There was a time, not so long ago, when I considered using ember. I think it’s telling that this article didn’t even mention ember as either new hotness or old hotness. Seeing a list of all the has beens helps inform my decision when looking for a stable platform.

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              For me, I’ve always tended to embark on greenfield projects. Sometimes, I’ve been told that it can’t be done. Or I shouldn’t. Or I should be using $xyz stack. Or $abc stack with $pqr technology. There’s alphabet soup for every minute of the day in our field.

              My solution is: research what people are doing right now, and why we got to that point (relatively quickly, I’m not a historian). And then determine copy/paste code I can jumpstart my way. If that doesn’t exist, I start making my own.

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          HN reminds me that the original (I think) exemplar of this genre was http://discuss.joelonsoftware.com/default.asp?joel.3.219431

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          This is a flimsy wrapper over the original Medium article submitted here.

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            The original medium article is gone, redirecting to this page now.

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            Trying to keep up with JS is exhausting. People spend more time making new JS libraries and systems than actually doing stuff with JS.

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              You don’t actually have to follow every little library someone creates. Heck you don’t have to use any of them. Secondly if learning libraries and frameworks is hard, you probably are still grappling with the basics, get those solid FIRST.