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    Interesting little tool. It’s basically a JSON editor, but with a semantic layer that presents everything as a collection of tables.

    It’s clearly designed to support game developers who need to manage large collections of character/item stats. It was written to support the development of a game called Northgard. It’s implemented in haxe, which I’m not familiar with.

    It includes a couple things that differentiate it from a standard JSON editor. For example, it supports images and includes a “map editor” for working with 2d tile sets. It also supports advanced types like Enums and custom types.

    This may be great for game development, but seems like a near miss for general use. For example, it uses its own type system when something like JSONschema would be a lot more interoperable. JSON-LD could be an interesting way to store metadata, but probably isn’t worth the added complexity.

    It seems to focus on data authoring at the expense of data use. There’s no SQL support; in fact there doesn’t appear to be any query language whatsoever. I was going to complain about the inefficiency about using JSON to store tabular data, but that clearly misses the point of the product.

    This would be useful to me if it was backed by something like Dolt or SQLite; or if it doubled-down on JSON support with stuff like JSONschema.

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      My first thought was “but sqlite exists, why use JSON”.

      Then I remembered that it’s common for games to target the web, and loading sqlite through emscripten is a huge hassle.