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    Not the best ambassador for the language. How hard is it to point people at the clojure cheatsheet https://clojure.org/api/cheatsheet and the clojure irc room? How do you package? lein uberjar is more of an answer than “Don’t”.

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      I think the IRC channel is more of a niche these days, but I got help just yesterday, so it’s still as awesome as ever :)

      IMHO the cheatsheet only helps you if you already know how all the functions are called and just need to look up a detail. For me personally it’s next to useless as I always skim it up and down and down and up before giving up and using a web search, or search on clojuredocs. Personal pref though, I guess. It’s absolutely worth mentioning.

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      As far as editors, spacemacs with the Clojure layer has worked out well for me. I’ve been running through Getting Clojure, and Living Clojure. The only stumbling blocks I’ve run into are the error utterly cryptic error messages that the article mentions.