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    This reminds me of the interview question “what happens when you type example.com into the url bar and hit enter?” I’m not sure if that question is brilliant or terrible. I guess interviewing is hard..

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      I personally suspect (though I have no evidence at the moment), that it’s most effective as a fun way to get certain types of programmers to geek out about all the different levels of detail they know about all the related topics.

      I doubt it performs well as a predictor of how well a person will perform at a company. I don’t recall offhand what sorts of things do predict that well, but trivia did not rank high on the list.

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        It’s brilliant for systems of devops roles because it’s a fantastic way to gauge technical depth.

        Did they mention TCP/IP and routing in their answer? HTTP/HTTPS? DNS? server side programming and page rendering? Cookies and javascript? It’s endless.

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        “Offensively mundane” might be the best phrase ever written.

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          This was a very entertaining read.

          The rant about endianess was a little silly, but definitely one of the better written and more engrossing articles I’ve read recently.

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            The rant about endianess was good. It is silly, and thinking about the little details from time to time can only help us get better.

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            I love reading this sort of writing