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    This is a great write up on an aspect of accessibility that I hadn’t even considered.

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      I found this article interesting, as I’d never read a first-hand account of vertigo before. I found it amusing, because my website already qualifies with no effort and any Gopher hole also trivially suits this.

      I’m skeptical of the suggestion to build such things into every website specially, not even elaborating on my distaste for growing WWW ’‘standards’’; it can easily be ignored, done poorly, etc.. Something such as accessibility really shouldn’t be optional if you want good results, which means it should really be enforced, rather than imposed by convention.

      In any case, this was a decent read.

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        I’ve become persuaded that something like Gopher is the road not taken that really should have been taken. The “magazine” look of modern web design & ads is ……. problematic.

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          1. You act like that if Gopher hadn’t become popular, it wouldn’t have developed the same problems.

          2. Hypertext documents are good, actually. Gopher’s cute for nostalgia or really limited devices, but even HTML 2.0 is far more useful than Gopher.holes.

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            Hypertext documents are good, actually.

            Do you have a source for that? :) I disbelieve your bald-faced assertion.

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              The content, particularly prose, that pepople deal with are usually documents with rich formatting; the appeal of systems like the web or Xanadu is being able to connect all these disparate documents together; even if the web really wants to be HyperCard instead. Just text documents and menus would be fine if I were browsing through a straw like a VT100 or featurephone from 1999, but systems and the content are far more capable.

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                Would you rather scroll through a large text file with false positives in paragraphs when you grep for a section name or would you rather be able to click and get where you’re going?

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                  Usually when I go for documentation, I go for large text files and do a control F. So… #1.