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      I think it’s weirder than that; IIRC NodeMCU actually compiles JS to Lua before running it on the device.

      Edit: I was thinking of a different firmware that runs on NodeMCU; upon closer inspection I don’t think Mongoose does that.

      If you want a Scheme that’s designed specifically for low-power microcontrollers, MicroScheme is great for that; works on platforms with under 4kb of RAM: http://microscheme.org/

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        Definitely. I’d imagine there’d be more flexibility with memory given using a scheme that’s closer to the hardware. Something like chez or racket

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        The ESP8266 platform is pretty amazing, there’s also Lua and MicroPython available for it and fairly easy to get started.

        The NodeMCU boards are particularly nice because the UART and voltage reg and so on are already there and the footprint fits a breadboard, but you can get started with other modules pretty easily with only a few extra components.

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          That’s great. I’ve been working on a portable port of BASIC to the ATTiny for a while, and it’s a PITA dealing with constraints without resorting to assembly. Thankfully the ESP8266 has a lot of space to run languages like this and MicroPython.