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    It’s the old walled garden come again. Every few years the benefits of a platform with a ready audience seem better than building attention on a platform you own.

    But watch what high profile people do on a platform like Instagram. Do they encourage more interaction within the platform or do they encourage you to connect with them via a method outside the platform?

    Most do both, but from what I have seen the emphasis is on the latter, because it’s a richer relationship, not dependent on the whims of the platform.

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      I agree in principle, but in practice Instagram — despite the flood of ads — is the one social network I still find a pleasure to use, because of the focus on the photos instead of links. Compare it to the bullshit on Twitter and Facebook, both filled with links to polarizing clickbait instead of actual personal content. Maybe there’s a middle ground where they could allow links without thumbnails/excerpts, but in their position I’d be extremely conservative about what to change.

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        Marketing folks have already made link in bio a sales term for landing pages for users/brands… like this: https://later.com/linkinbio/ It’s a slow but very dull knife in that the more web savvy you are the easier you can turn that one link into all the links you want

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          The tension between power users who love digging in and using their tools vs people who just want a tool to be a thing without observing its subtety rears its head again.