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      Also, if you want to start your own there’s x84, which is a modern, python-based telnet and SSH BBS server: https://github.com/jquast/x84

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      Really loved it; thanks for letting me relive my childhood for a day ;-)

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      Wait, I can connect with telnet? How?

      EDIT: The reason I am asking is because I tried telnet www.lobste.rs and didn’t get the interface.

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        I fixed the remaining bugs in the telnet implementation and enabled it, so telnet lobste.rs should work now. Though you should probably not login as your own account since it’s in plaintext over telnet. I’ll work on enabling SSH later.

        There are a couple quirks in the way OS X Terminal renders certain ANSI color combinations which look weird, but for the most part everything else should work the same. All colors look correct in SyncTERM, PabloDRAW, and my JavaScript terminal, so I dunno.

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          Cool, I’ll test it tonight :)

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      Great project and good to see how you put it all together.

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      I was very pleased that the main terminal still worked on my phone. Thanks for the extra effort. (Even though other things broke. :))

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      Amazing job.