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    Varargs technically works, but only by accident. Please don’t do it.

    This might be the spookiest sentence I’ve ever seen in a programming language’s reference.

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      The Spookylang compiler is written in WOAH!Caml, a dialect of OCaml wherein the programmer must be

      1. Sweaty
      2. Relatively new to OCaml
      3. Screaming

      So just OCaml?

      Ghosts indicate function definitions, devils delimit parameters, and skulls delimit statement blocks. All three scare you.

      Better than keywords, type declarations, and braces, I guess…

      Assignment is a screaming genderless anthromorph betwixt a binding and an expression, delimited by a jack o’ lantern, our statement terminator and a fun emoji.

      That’s one way of describing it.