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      So much content posted to twitter where it will doubtless be lost forever, or behind a login gate at some point as they chase the last profits from their fleeing audience when the next hip thing takes over :(

      Edit for usefulness so I’m not part of the problem: The post linked from the tweet.

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        The actual content is in the Linux kernel’s git commit logs, which will certainly not be lost forever (unless, I guess, something really extreme happens).


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          Great work.

          I agree that it would make more sense to link directly to the commits. Mailing list posts are also better, but in this case the Lobste.rs headline already provides the sufficient editorial context. Linking to tweets (which appears to be more and more popular) seems to compromise the visibility of the work in favor of self-promotion, a point humorously reflected by how Lobste.rs’ extract of the post is simply “Trending now”: https://imgur.com/a/Pduk7iq

          I hope I’m not misunderstood — this is the latest in an array of excellent contributions and I’ve myself retweeted OP.