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    Use click

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      I prefer docopt. For small/quick tools I find it to be the easiest.

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      Nothing to do with CLI apps in particular, just some packaging best practices, if even that. Aren’t there a hundred tutorials for this?

      Don’t reinstall over and over, just use ./setup.py develop. And do it in a virtualenv.

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        There is no such thing as packaging best practices for everything. Having this amount of boilerplate for a CLI app is a case study in over-engineering.

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        If only there were a package in the python standard library for handling command line arguments…

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          Do you mean that you don’t consider argparse or getopt good enough for the standard library? Or maybe you were ironic?

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            I was being facetious :)

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              I see :P

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            That was what I expected this to be about, not “how to package a python application”