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    I’m quite thrown by the claim: Flow types are not even worth considering. Actual errors are missed, while petty semantics are over enforced.

    I can agree that actual errors are missed if you use the weak typing features (it doesn’t require you to type your exports); not sure how else to interpret that claim. Not sure what petty semantics are being referred to.

    In general, I’d expect an article that is otherwise well-cited to include at least one example to back up such a sweeping claim.

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      I have been using PureScript for a personal project and I was quite happy with it, and especially with Halogen. The only issue I find really annoying is that there is a lot of type boilerplate when time comes to use multicomponents feature. From my undestanding, this issue will go away with their next release, so it is pretty great. Beside, you can actually have a nice setup purescript + servant + servant-purescript to have a purescript client and a haskell client.

      I weanted to try Elm when I read about FRP, but never make the leap.