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    I have mild astigmatism, and tbh almost all of these are hard to read. I thought this was going to be e.g. color combinations to be used for visualizations that work for colorblind people.

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      I have no astigmatism and all of these are painful. Also some of the combinations feel weird: are #7389ee and #430c43 really that high-contrast?

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      Color combinations are not and cannot be “accessible”. Accessibility is about giving the user the ability to change (or ignore entirely) color combinations to meet their own needs and make use of the tool or information you are providing.

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        Whose definition of accessibility is this?

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          A reasonable one. The correct one. Your tool or information should be usable by the largest number of people with various sensory and information-processing needs.

          Using high contrast colors allows people who need high contrast colors to use your website. But providing configurable colors, or allowing your colors to be easily configurable via user-stylesheets allows people who need ANY kind of color to use your website.

          Choosing fixed high-contrast colors and saying it has increased accessibility is like translating your app from Dutch to English and saying you have internationalized your app. Yes, it will probably allow millions more people to easily use your app, but you haven’t actually solved the problem the correct way. The way to solve web colors is to give your colors meaningful names in your style sheet, and to let users pick the colors they need. Putting “Red Orange” text on top of a “Purple Heart” background because some algorithm says they have high contrast isn’t doing anyone any favors.

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            So your opinion is that WCAG has the wrong definition?

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              Oh, absolutely, yes. WCAG is incredibly misguided in many ways. Their flashing content recommendations in particular are actively harmful to real people. Putting that on content creators rather than the rendering device is medically dangerous to certain populations.

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        Consider changing the url when regenerating the colors so that they can be permalinked.

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          This is a helpful tool, thank you for sharing

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            I really like the combinations this tool generates. Sometimes they’re very flashy so I’m not sure they’re actually making the text easier to read. I do wish there was a way you could get a permalink, like other people have mentioned.