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This is a lobste.rs clone for writing! If anyone wants an invite you can send me a lobsters message and I’ll invite you. There is also #write.narwhal.space on freenode.

Also thanks to the lobsters freenode for some advice!


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    Perhaps there could be some way where Lobsters-descended communities could promote each other? It’d be great if we had Lobsters-likes for a variety of topics, after all.

    1. 12

      I think it’s pretty clear we need a lobste.rs clone for aggregating lobste.rs clones

      1. 8

        Web-ring style banner on top of participating sites.

      2. 4

        So, I know of two clone sites so far: Barnacles and Write.Narwhal.Space. Are there any others?

        1. 3

          I first heard of lobsters after stumbling on a chinese language clone. Unfortunately I didn’t keep the URL so I’m not sure where it is.