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“Thousands of people use one IP address”

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    The tone in this response post seems really unreasonable compared to the tone of the CloudFlare post.

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      If you folks don’t like the tone of this article, maybe take a gander at the Akamai report they reference. The tone there is very moderate.

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        The akamai powerpoint leads to similar conclusion that cloudflare one

        1:11,500 non-Tor IPs contained malicious requests

        1:380 Tor exit nodes contained malicious requests

        However the clouflare post is also misleading

        The problem is generating SSL certificates to encrypt traffic to the .onion sites.

        There is no need to generate SSL certificate to encrypt traffic to an .onion site

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          I mean, I hate CloudFlare and their crappy captchas as much as the next guy, but shouldn’t the focus be on the organizations that actually do business with them? I mean, it may be better to educate these examples from the fact sheet to not use them:

          amnesty.org.au arabnews.com avaaz.org dailymail.co.uk plannedparenthood.org stackexchange.com medium.com

          Is it really such a great benefit to use CF instead of just fixing your own infrastructure to not require them in the first place?