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A report about the work done on the OS and a few daydreams resolutions for 2018.


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    To save people the click for (a reminder) what Jehanne is:

    Jehanne is a simple operating system.

    Jehanne has noble ancestors:

    • most of userland tools, a lot of wisdom and some kernel modules, come from 9front

    • the kernel is a fork of Charles Forsyth’s Plan9-9k

    • most of the build system and some valuable piece of code come from Harvey OS

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      Well actually I’ve updated the overview page too: http://jehanne.io/pages/overview.html

      To save clicks, TL;DR

      Jehanne is a simple operating system.

      It shows that few orthogonal abstractions can be composed to provide everything you want from modern operating systems. And more.

      The emphasis is really on simplicity.

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      Do the changes made in Jehanne (vs. the other Plan 9 descendants) make it any easier to compile and run a modern web browser? It seems like this is the stumbling block all alternative OSes are tripped up by these days.

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        It obviously depends on which browser, but I think so.

        RedHat’s newlib is battle tested on Cygwin, so Jehanne has a true “standard” C library to build upon.
        The rest is “just a matter of workforce”.

        But do not hold your breath: porting Firefox (my favorite) is very low in my priorities.

        I do not care much about web browsing in Jehanne, as I want to replace the web! ;-)

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          Thinking more about this I’ve realized that all Plan 9 descendants seems to share a sort of dislike for the web.

          It should be noted that my daily job is as a C#, JavaScript, and $whatEverYouPayFor developer and I pay the bills building finance applications for large companies, mainly banks. I fight with everything between IE8 and Chromium on a daily basis. And I often have to remote desktop over remote desktop over remote desktop in vpn, for security reasons.
          I know JavaScript very well. We are good enemies. Like Harry Potter and Tom Riddle.

          So maybe I’m a bit biased too.

          But in my defense, you should consider that Jehanne (like Plan 9, 9front, and friends) is a distributed OS.

          We do not care about world domination, just about progress.

          The web will always be there (we still have Gopher after all!), and nostalgics will keep using rdesktop and xhost.

          In a distributed computation experience, the OS you use for any particular task should be a detail.