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    This looks rather interesting. Anyone using xmake? I was browsing the manual, and a substantial portion seems to be in Chinese (and the authors seem to be working on that). Having a Lua-based alternative to CMake would be pretty nice.

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      I am sorry for the incomplete English document, I am trying to translate it.

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        Premake is another one.

        I’ve yet to try either, but the idea of “CMake without the arcane DSL” is certainly appealing.

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          Premake is used a lot for games and middleware. It’s pretty good, I don’t like everything about it but it’s certainly better than cmake.

          There’s also tundra but I don’t think that has as much traction.

          If you have very simple build requirements (and I would argue that you should because build systems are the devil) then it’s quite easy to write a scriptable Makefile generator. See one and two. Vcxproj generation is trickier but still easy enough to figure out just by looking at what VS/premake generate for simple projects, or you can just use Cygwin and make but then getting files to rebuild when their headers do is annoying.

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            You can use xmake to build project in cmd directly and it can also generate vcproj: $ xmake project -k vs2017