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      I fell for the title and had a good chuckle! It took me a few seconds to realize what was happening. Thanks for sharing!

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      I have JS and cookies disabled by default, took some more clicks to verify the purpose :)

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      The page’s author has confirmed in an email reply that it was indeed a joke.

      And apparently I was fooled (fool?) enough to write him an email, letting him know that he made a good argument about SPA’s, although “not the one he intended”. :) – The joke was on me.

      But seriously now, the main reason I was tricked by such a page is because I mainly browse the internet with Firefox and uBlock Origin disabling all JavaScript, and thus this is manner in which many “modern” sites make their first impression on me: most of the times “JavaScript is required to view this site”, some looping the spinning loader of death, and in some circumstances even a blank page.

      Usually I just give up, but given I was interested in this topic I’ve opened it in a “pure untainted” Firefox profile, and to my surprise, to the same outcome.

      Perhaps the author wrote that page in relation to the recently released Changelog JS Party podcast Were SPAs a big mistake?.

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      you made me reactivate javascript just to realize there was no double irony here :)

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      Defense hasn’t loaded yet. Did it load for you?

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        I suspect that’s why it has the satire tag.

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        It will not load if your faith in the future of single-page applications isn’t strong enough. ;)

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        This article requires at least 8gb of available RAM to load.

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        I was able to interact with the components of the page that had loaded, so that’s a plus.

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      ninja TLD ? Do pirate or cowboy TLD exists too ?

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        No, but if you have money you can create them.

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      Write code with React + TSX, we can statically verify the identifier referenced. But write code in htmx / jquery, we lose the support of static type checking ( from Microsoft )