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Will submit each suggested tag as its own comment so it can be voted on and discussed separately. Each suggestion has a couple of my own submissions that I wished I could have used the tag for.


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    Things related to cpu/memory profiling tools, telemetry, implementation, and techniques. Use cases, papers on novel methods of profiling, etc…

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      This has overlap with testing for me.

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        could you elaborate on your concern?

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          I’m not @calvin, but I’d guess they both feel like they cover “we have this running system, how do we understand and improve its properties?”

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            More broadly, I don’t think it’s that bad to have tags that might have some overlap. Also, I’m not sure that I agree that something like dtrace would make sense in a tag next to xUnit.

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        This has overlap with scaling to me.

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        Garbage Collection / Memory Management

        Submissions relating to garbage collection / reference counting algorithms, implementation, performance tuning, etc… As well as things like rust’s ownership/regions or arena-based management.

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          I would call this memory-management; garbage collection is just one option.